Kruiend ijs – Drifting ice

See the full version on my new website: www.wildernesscoffee-naturalhigh.comKruiend ijs – Drifting ice in The Netherlands.

In February 2012, a rare phenomenon occurred in The Netherlands. The fascinating appearance of ‘kruiend ijs’ – drifting ice, a sight that is usually confined to (sub) Arctic environments much further north. Continue reading


Flower Art – Gladiolas


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Silky gladiolas, the reward that is bestowed upon those Continue reading

The Vierdaagse of Nijmegen

See the full story on my new website: ∞ The Vierdaagse of Nijmegen – Four days of long-distance trials & tribulations.

It’s hard to explain if you haven’t experienced it. I thought I’ll just do it once and be done with it. But then it gets under your skin, and you find yourself with an aching heart, just seeing all those people crossing the Waal bridge on the first morning, the euphoria Continue reading