The best walks on Heimaey

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See the full list on my new website: www.wildernesscoffee-naturalhigh.comVestmannaeyjar walking tracks – The best walks on Heimaey.

An overview of the best walking tracks around Heimaey, Vestmannaeyjar. With its incredible density of spectacular sights and features, this stunning island just off the south coast is a must-see if you’re visiting Iceland. Continue reading


The walking track to Eldfell

See the full description on my new website: ∞ The walking track to Eldfell – The Fiery Mountain.

The walk to the top of Eldfell is the one every visitor to Heimaey wants to do. It’s that famous volcano that spectacularly erupted out of nowhere in January 1973. The track is easily accessible, with incredible views everywhere you look. From the top you can gawk onto the impressive Continue reading

Eldfell erupting a rainbow

See the full version on my new website: www.wildernesscoffee-naturalhigh.comEldfell erupting a rainbow.

Eldfell suddenly arrived in spectacular fashion on the island of Heimaey on 23 January 1973, and caused quite some upheaval. After it finished its business on July 3 of that same year, it now lies Continue reading