Mount Haleakala

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Haleakala is the House of the Rising Sun – literally. The sunrises are of such an epic magnitude that they draw people to get up at ridiculous o’ clock at night to drive up its endless winding hairpin roads to the summit, braving dizzying steep drop-offs, in order to gawk Continue reading


Cook Islands

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The Cook Islands are the stuff of Pacific dreams. White, sandy, coconut-strewn palm beaches, translucent lagoons in all shades of shimmering blue, and a laid-back atmosphere where everything just circulates on island time. But there are also craggy peaks beckoning in the Continue reading

Hawaii (Big Island)

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I’ve been wanting to go to Hawaii for nearly half a lifetime. In particular the enigmatic steaming Big Island, where fiery flows of lava tumble down its rocky shores into the sea. And home of the Continue reading