The Aeolian Islands

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See the full story on my new website: www.wildernesscoffee-naturalhigh.comIsland hopping on the Aeolian Islands.

The Aeolian Islands in south Italy are the stuff of legends and a geological paradise. Stromboli, famous for its fountain eruptions, and Vulcano, namegiver to eruptive mountains. The islands can be easily hopped individually, with regular ferries going to Continue reading


Mount Etna

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Mount Etna on Sicily is Europe’s most active volcano, and it’s in a constant state of excitement. There’s always some activity going on. Often it’s just quietly steaming away, sometimes even producing pretty smoke rings. But when it erupts Continue reading


See the full version on my new website: ∞ Stromboli – The ancient lighthouse of the Mediterranean.

Stromboli is the stuff of legends. The ancient lighthouse of the Mediterranean; it has been erupting its mesmerizing glow for over 2000 years. I bumbled up its slopes on a perfect sunny day, excited to finally see the strombolian action from up close. But when I reached the top at dusk Continue reading