See the full version on my new website: ∞ Vestmannaeyjar – A force of nature that can’t be denied.

In 2006 I went on an impromptu trip to Iceland. Along the south coast, I drove through some of the most overwhelmingly beautiful landscapes I’ve ever seen. It was beyond anything I could have imagined beforehand. The moment I saw those mysterious island shapes of Vestmannaeyjar Continue reading


Cook Islands

See the full version on my new website: ∞ Cook Islands – The stuff of Pacific dreams.

The Cook Islands are the stuff of Pacific dreams. White, sandy, coconut-strewn palm beaches, translucent lagoons in all shades of shimmering blue, and a laid-back atmosphere where everything just circulates on island time. But there are also craggy peaks beckoning in the Continue reading


See the full version on my new website: ∞ Stromboli – The ancient lighthouse of the Mediterranean.

Stromboli is the stuff of legends. The ancient lighthouse of the Mediterranean; it has been erupting its mesmerizing glow for over 2000 years. I bumbled up its slopes on a perfect sunny day, excited to finally see the strombolian action from up close. But when I reached the top at dusk Continue reading

Faroe Islands

See the full version on my new website: ∞ Faroe Islands – Atlantic weather systems moving overhead.

When I wanted to combine a trip to Scotland with Iceland in 2007, the Faroe Islands were an enticing stopover along the route. Rather irregular boat and flight schedules only allowed a 2-night stay. Continue reading

Hawaii (Big Island)

See the full version on my new website: ∞ Hawaii – Volcanic fields of fire.

I’ve been wanting to go to Hawaii for nearly half a lifetime. In particular the enigmatic steaming Big Island, where fiery flows of lava tumble down its rocky shores into the sea. And home of the Continue reading

El Hierro

See the full version on my new website: ∞ El Hierro – A volcanic hotspot underneath the sea.

The Canary Islands have a lot more to offer than the well-known beach resorts on Tenerife and Gran Canaria. With breathtaking mountains and rugged volcanic landscapes there is a lot of truly beautiful nature to be discovered. I went island hopping on the Canary Islands in December 2011, and the one that Continue reading