Welcome to Wilderness Coffee & Natural High. I hope you will be inspired by the beauty of nature :-) In April 2018 I have moved to a new website, where you can read all the existing posts & more.

My name is Nancy, and I love getting lost & lose myself in bizarre landscapes, being absorbed by the powerful awesomeness of nature’s display. The effects it has on triggering endorphins & filling you up with joy are just incredible. Heaven is not some distant place above, it’s right here on Earth.

This is my personal travel blog, where I share various stories, photo’s and other ramblings about getting lost in weird & wonderful places. It’s named after two defining expressions I have been using for many years:

Wilderness Coffee & Natural High

One is part of the essential survival gear for me on any trip, the other a state of mind that occurs naturally when blissfully bumbling around awe-inspiring places. Both being a source of endless joy!

I love to drink coffee in the wilderness, and share these natural highs with you :-)

I’m a bit of a geology geek, and I am particularly drawn to mountains, rocks & volcanoes. And kletturs!

View to Klif from HáHá, Heimaey, Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland

A wilderness coffee & a natural high simultaneously featured in one picture!

@ Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland.

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Thanks for reading :-)

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