The walking track to Eldfell

See the full story on my new website: ∞ The walking track to Eldfell – The Fiery Mountain.

The walk to the top of Eldfell is the one every visitor to Heimaey wants to do. It’s that famous volcano that spectacularly erupted out of nowhere in January 1973. It’s very colourful, the track is easily accessible, and the views are absolutely stunning in all directions. From the top you can gawk onto the impressive lava flow that was furiously roiling & boiling only a few decades ago, and single-handedly enlarged the island by several square kilometers.

The walking track to Eldfell

The harbour entrance of Heimaey, between towering cliffs on one side and the huge Eldfell lava flows on the other side.

This is a short summary. You can find the full description & more pictures on my new website: ∞ The walking track to Eldfell – The Fiery Mountain.

The eruption almost devastated the island, causing the entire population to evacuate overnight, without knowing if they would be able to return, or if their beautiful island would ever be habitable again. Eldfell went on erupting for over 5 months. When it finished its business on July 3, hundreds of houses were covered underneath daunting lava flows up to 60 meters deep, and most of the rest of the island was covered in several meters of volcanic ash & rubble. But the intimidating lava flow that nearly closed off the harbour also created a new & improved version, making it even better and more sheltered than it was before.

Meandering paths across the lava field

The walking track to Eldfell

Track through the lava field towards the harbour, with the towering shape of Heimaklettur in the background. The harbour entrance is between the edge of the lava and Heimaklettur… It’s incredibly beautiful, but intimidating at the same time.

Memorial signpost Austurvegur, Eldfell volcano, Heimaey, Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland

Vast fields of lupines provide a colourful contrast in June and July, with a stunning view to Klif and Dalfjall in the distance.

Lupine lava fields, view to Klif and Dalfjall, Heimaey, Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland

View to that other famous volcano, across the sea on the mainland.

View to Eyjafjallajökull from Eldfell volcano, Heimaey, Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland

In wintertime, when Eldfell has been snowed upon, you can see exactly where it’s still warm on the top ;-) And yes, you might catch some northern lights too…!

Eldfell volcano with snow and northern lights, Heimaey, Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland

Nowadays, Eldfell occasionally still erupts a rainbow ;-)

You can read how to get to Vestmannaeyjar in this article.

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The walking track to Eldfell

Wilderness Coffee with a view ;-)

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