The walking track to Heimaklettur

See the full story on my new website: ∞ The walking track to Heimaklettur – The Home Rock.

Heimaklettur is the biggest rock in the jumbled chain of cliffs wrapped around the harbour of Heimaey, the main island of Vestmannaeyjar. The harbour entrance is stunningly beautiful – a narrow passage along mountainous rocks that shelter it like a protective arm from fierce tides and rogue winds coming in from the north. Heimaklettur rises up at the end of it, and sits proudly across from the harbour, watching over it. At 279 meters, it’s the highest mountain on Heimaey, and the defining landmark of the island. Its bulky shape is visible all around town. It literally means Home Rock.

Candles on Heimaklettur

When the days grow shorter, candles are often placed on the slopes along the cliffside facing town. Usually you can spot one or two candles. But around Christmas and New Year it gets totally out of control, when Heimaklettur is decorated with a multitude of candles all over the upper slopes. It’s an incredibly beautiful sight.

Christmas candles on Heimaklettur, Heimaey, Vestmannaeyjar

Christmas candles on Heimaklettur.

This is a short summary. You can find the full description & more pictures on my new website: ∞ The walking track to Heimaklettur – The Home Rock.

With sheer cliffs rising up on all sides, Heimaklettur may look a bit daunting and inacessible at first sight. But there is actually a walking track to the top.

Heimaklettur walking track, Heimaklettur hike

Ropes and chains on the ledge below the sheepcage.

Heimaklettur walking track, Heimaklettur hike

Pleasant grassy ridge

If you feel unsure about continuing at this point: there’s a broad & pleasant grassy ridge near the bottom of this ladder, around the corner to the right. It’s an excellent place to enjoy a picnic and great views over the harbour and town.

Heimaklettur walking track, Heimaklettur hike

Wilderness Coffee on the rocks ;-)

Candle on Heimaklettur

I’ve added my own candles on Heimaklettur a couple of times too… ;-)

Other tracks

If you’re up for another klettur, you can continue on to Klif – the one with the flat top on the other side of Heimaklettur. Or go up the path behind Klif for the stunning ridge walk around Herjólfsdalur.

You can read how to get to Vestmannaeyjar in this article.

(c) Nancy Claus – Wilderness Coffee & Natural High

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