The walking track to Helgafell

Poor old Helgafell is often a bit overlooked, as everyone flocks to its famous neighbour Eldfell. For a long time, Helgafell was the ruling volcano on Heimaey. The one that merged the chain of rocks to the north and Stórhöfði to the south into the present island, its classic volcano-shaped silhouette dominating the interior. Until Eldfell turned up Continue reading


Dalalæða – Spectacular waterfalls of fog

Some truly stunning special effects can be created by the setting sun. Depending on preceding weather circumstances, presence of clouds, type of terrain, and many other factors. It’s always captivating to see it plunging down into the sea and lighting up the sky in incredible colours, against a backdrop of craggy jumbled rocks. And sometimes, if the conditions are right, something truly spectacular can occur. Continue reading

The walking track to Heimaklettur – the Home Rock

Heimaklettur is the biggest rock in the jumbled chain of cliffs wrapped around the harbour of Heimaey, the main island of Vestmannaeyjar.

The harbour entrance is stunningly beautiful. People coming in on the ferry are often triggered into a photo-frenzy when they sail into the harbour, through a narrow Continue reading