Reykjanes – Hidden treasures beyond the barren landscape

Reykjanes peninsula is the first impression of Iceland you see after arrival. Keflavík International Airport is located on the tip of the peninsula, and you’ll travel along its northern shore on your way to Reykjavík, and beyond. Barren and desolate as it may look on first sight, there are actually a lot of hidden treasures to be discovered in its rugged interior.

Large sections are part of the Reykjanes Global Geopark, a Unesco geological heritage area. Beyond the famous Blue Lagoon geothermal pools there is a myriad of steaming vents, bubbling mudpools, colourful rocks & mountains, tranquil lakes, faulty fissures and lava flows covered in thick fluffy moss.

The volcanic Mount Keilir is the most dominant feature. It’s nearly 400 meters tall, and its pretty cone-shaped form can even be seen in the distance from Reykjavík across the southern side of Faxaflói Bay. At the southwestern tip of Reykjanes you can see the Mid-Atlantic Ridge – which runs underwater in the Atlantic Ocean for nearly its entire length from Antarctica all the way to Iceland – rising above the sea and coming on shore near Sandvík beach.

It’s a volcanic playground well worth exploring.

Reykjanes Kleifarvatn lake

View to Kleifarvatn lake.

Reykjanes Mossy lava fields

Mossy lava fields.

Reykjanes Krýsuvík-Seltun

Colourful views and steaming heaps at Krýsuvík.

(c) Nancy Claus – Wilderness Coffee & Natural High

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