Aurora Solaris – The sunset version of northern lights

At the end of 2012 I ventured off on a walkabout through the Australian bush, chasing the solar eclipse, black opals and the Wollemi pine. The landscapes of Australia are truly out of this world – and so were the sunsets.

This is the incredible sunset at Wollemi National Park, and it’s probably one of the most epic I’ve ever seen. It was like an Aurora Solaris – the sunset version of northern lights.

No artificial colours were added to this picture. It’s 100% real.

Where have you seen the most amazing sunsets? Share your stories or photo’s in the comments, or on the Facebook link to this post 🙂

Aurora Solaris

Wollemi National Park is also home to one of the most prehistoric trees in the world, the legendary Wollemi Pine, dating back to the era when the first trees sprouted on the face of the Earth. It has survived in its hidden corners and secluded spots since the time of dinosaurs.

A fascinating tree that is worth a story of its own 😉

(c) Nancy Claus – Wilderness Coffee & Natural High

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Northern lights above Helgafell, Stykkishólmur. Snæfellsnes, Iceland

Similar shaped northern lights @ Snæfellsnes peninsula, Iceland.


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