Flower Art – Tropical Milkweed

Tropical Milkweed flowers Continue reading


Flower Art – Thistle

Fluffy thistle flowers. Continue reading

Flower Art – Rhododendron

Delicate rhododendron flowers. Continue reading

Flower Art – Frangipani

Lusciously coloured & fragrant tropical frangipani flowers. Continue reading

Flower Art – Pua Lehua

Spring is upon us! ūüėÄ So it‚Äôs time for some inspiring Flower Art this week, to celebrate the resilience of nature & life itself.

This is a Pua Lehua flower, laughing in the face of adversity Continue reading

The Vierdaagse of Nijmegen – Four days of long-distance trials & tribulations

It’s hard to explain if you haven’t experienced it. I thought I’ll just do it once and be done with it. But then it gets under your skin, and you find yourself with an aching heart, just seeing all those people crossing the Waal bridge on the first morning, the euphoria Continue reading

Bushnut Art – Eucalypt

Bush nuts & gum leaves art. Continue reading

Flower Art – Protea

A beautiful protea flower in Wollemi National Park. Originally native to South Africa, but now widely spread across the Southern Hemisphere. They are part of the Proteaceae family, an ancient group of flowers, and closely related to the indigenous Australian waratah and banksia, and even the macademia nut. All come with huge Continue reading

The opal fields of Lightning Ridge – The mesmerizing draw of luminous stone

I‚Äôve been drawn to Australia for a long, long time. I got a Working Holiday visum just within the window of opportunity, and I explored the country for many months. Ever since, I‚Äôve suffered from the ‚Äėboomerang syndrome‚Äô. Once you‚Äôve Continue reading

GeekPic! @ Lightning Ridge

It’s time for another GeekPic.

Opal fever is real. It will draw you in and take hold of you when you dare to venture into the town of Lightning Ridge, where the cracks in the earth are filled with Continue reading