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Nhauruhoe is often referred to as a seperate mountain, but it is actually one of the many cones of the vast Tongariro complex. With its 45 degree slopes and perfect triangular shape, Nhauruhoe is the most distinctive volcano-shaped volcano in the area – outshined only by Taranaki.

At nearly 1900 metres, the Red Crater is the highest point of the Tongariro Crossing route. When I approached it, I heard several excited exclamations coming from people further up the track. Once I reached the crater’s edge, I could see why. A stupendous gap laid in front of me, vividly coloured in all shades of red, with several ejection vents on the side and rocks & lava bombs scattered all around. It was so huge that the shouts of awe and surprise people were letting out actually echoed off its walls.

NaturePic Challenge – Mountains & Volcanoes # 6: Tongariro & Nhauruhoe, New Zealand


The perfectly volcano-shaped Mount Nhauruhoe.


The stupendous Red Crater, triggering resonating exlamations of awe by all who gazed upon it.

Tongariro Crossing

See more on my new website: Tongariro – The track across Middle Earth.

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