Mount Etna

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Mount Etna on Sicily is Europe’s most active volcano, and it’s in a constant state of excitement. There’s always some activity going on. Often it’s just quietly steaming away, sometimes even producing pretty smoke rings. But when it erupts it can cough up large rivers of lava, fissure fountains, strombolian fireworks, fuming ash clouds and everything inbetween from its various craters.

In 2011 Etna went through a particular active phase, with nearly 20 outbursts within one year. I went to see it in October that year, and it was vigorously steaming from all its top craters. It was a fascinating sight, but unfortunately it also meant that a walk along the crater rim was out of the question. Just over a week later, it went off again in spectacular fashion.

NaturePic Challenge – Mountains & Volcanoes # 5: Etna, Sicily


About to go off… just over a week later!

See more on my new website: Mount Etna – Vigorously steaming from all its craters.

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