Mount Haleakala

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Haleakala is the House of the Rising Sun – literally. The sunrises are of such an epic magnitude that they draw people to get up at ridiculous o’ clock at night to drive up its endless winding hairpin roads to the summit, braving dizzying steep drop-offs, in order to gawk over the ethereal beauty of its caldera when the sun slowly lights up and paints it in otherworldly colours.

The walking track from the summit emerges at Halemau’u. I wandered along steep ridges, while the track was frequently engulfed by foggy clouds weaving in and out of the caldera. But when they lift, you will be rewarded with some truly breathtaking views. It all adds to the mysterious beauty of this epic mountain.

NaturePic Challenge – Mountains & Volcanoes # 2: Haleakala, Maui (Hawaii)


Sunrise into the Ko’olau Gap caldera.


The walking track at Halemau’u, at the lower end of the Ko’olau Gap caldera.

How to get to Haleakala

See more on my new website: Mount Haleakala – The House of the Rising Sun.

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