Ode to the mountains!

See the full story on my new website: www.wildernesscoffee-naturalhigh.com ∞ Ode to the mountains – The magic of Mount Taranaki.

As long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by mountains. Especially of the fire-spewing kind. Perhaps because of the total absence of them in my home country The Netherlands… or perhaps it’s something more. The awe-inspiring beauty and majesty of them. The mysterious lure of hidden valleys and adventurous trails beyond. Or just being in awe with the powerful force of nature and the sheer natural high that ensues when you immerse yourself into their surroundings.

New Zealand is one of those places I will never get tired of bumbling around. I have cried when I left there, and it truly hit me when I cried tears of joy, just at the thought of going back there again, after 11 years, when I boarded a plane going to Auckland. I decided to take the backroad to Marokopa and Awakino, beautiful places on the wild westcoast. From there on, I intended to make my way to Tongariro National Park.

Mount Taranaki, majestically rising up in the distance, North Island, New Zealand

When she comes to greet me

But then it suddenly came into view. The mountain that was hardly ever visible. The elusive Mount Taranaki, shrouded by its own mysterious low-hanging clouds for most days of the year. But now it stood there, clearly visible, and beckoning in all its glory. It took my breath away, and I couldn’t resist. It was calling me and I had to go.

This is a short summary. You can find the full story & more pictures on my new website: www.wildernesscoffee-naturalhigh.com ∞ Ode to the mountains – The magic of Mount Taranaki.

I literally skidded to a halt and changed my course and planning there & then. The next morning I got up at ridiculous o’ clock, and saw one of the most beautiful sunrises I’ve ever seen, on a majestic and completely cloudless Mount Taranaki, straight from the front of my tent.

Steep stratovolcanic paths

Steep stratovolcanic paths.

Something must have happened on Mount Taranaki that made a deep impression. It was like a force of nature that can’t be explained.

(c) Nancy Claus – Wilderness Coffee & Natural High

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Valley of clouds

As I walk through the valley of the shadow of clouds, I shall fear no heights ;-)

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